Photo Gallery of Historical Projects

"Welcome to our project gallery, where we share our contributions to the landscape of Jamaica and the Caribbean. At Cesco Limited, we're dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients' needs while prioritizing sustainability and environmental stewardship.

As you explore this gallery, you'll see a range of projects that demonstrate our commitment to building a better future for our region. From renewable energy installations to eco-friendly infrastructure developments, our work aims to minimize environmental impact while maximizing benefits for local communities.

We're grateful for the opportunity to play a part in shaping the Caribbean's sustainable development journey. Browse through our gallery to see how we're working to create a more resilient, sustainable, and prosperous region for generations to come."

Commercial Offices

Delivery of a 330 KVA generator on a ten story commercial building right in the heart of New Kingston.

Location: Kingston, Jamaica (Year 2021)

Water Supply Industry

Freestanding Motor Control Centre , Nema 3r, 30 HP, 415 volts Variable Frequency Drive. 

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Warehouse Facility (250k SQFT)

Lighting project at the Sam Mahfood warehouse in St. Catherine. Utilizing daylight harvesting with motion sensor high bay fixtures. 

Location: St. Catherine, Jamaica

 Commercial Plaza

Customized 1500KVA generator with a built -on 1000 liter fuel tank. 

Location : Montego-Bay

Commercial Complex 

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Location: St. Ann, Jamaica 

Hotel Project

A magnificent 2000 bedroom hotel project on the north western side of the island. Supplied electrical and building materials.

Location: Handover (Current Project)

Supermarket Project

Day-light harvesting fixtures installed coupled with sky light fixtures. 

Location: Kingston, Jamaica 

Commercial offices

Commercial building, supplies back-up power generator. 

Location: Kingston, Jamaica (Year 2023)

Commercial Offices (BPO)

Supplied a diesel back-up generator and also building facade materials. 

Location: Portmore, Jamaica 

Sporting Stadium Project

Supplied electrical infrastructure, including cables, breaker panels and sports flood lighting.

Location: Kingston, Jamaica 

International Food Chain Store

Supplied building materials and electrical panels, transformers and cables. 

Location: Portmore, Jamaica

Multi-Storey Housing Development

Supported this project with both electrical and building materials. 

Location: Kingston, Jamaica