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We Provide Electrical Solutions to Every Industry

Spanning across three generations CESCO has been synonymous with quality products & excellent customer service.  We have been supporting national development in the construction industry for over fifty years.

We have a good reputation in the market and are known always to be bringing the latest innovations to the trade.  Solutions such as the latest technology in copper building wire known as SimPull has change the lives of electricians.

Today Cesco Ltd offers a comprehensive suite of solutions in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean.

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Project Management

Our Projects Department ensures that our deliverables are monitored and deadlines met to keep your project on schedule.

Brokerage & Logistics

Since our Brokerage is In-House we guarantee the quickest clearance process for any shipment imported into the country.


To use an analogy that everyone can relate to, our seasoned team has “been there done that” before, with over 54 years of experience we can offer professional advice to clients and help then save on time and money on their projects.

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