Event Highlights

Lunch & Learn Training Session 

"Highlights from our recent Lunch and Learn session with electrical industry engineers!

We were thrilled to share knowledge and insights with a talented group of professionals, exploring the latest trends and innovations in electrical engineering.

If you missed this event, don't worry! Keep an eye on our website for upcoming Lunch and Learn sessions, and secure your spot for our next event. You won't want to miss it!"

Showroom Visit with Wayne & Tami Chin 

We were thrilled to welcome Tami and Wayne Chin, two renowned social media influencers, to our showroom recently! They visited us to handpick a selection of our products for their exciting home renovation project, and we're delighted to share some exclusive behind-the-scenes moments from their visit. As they explore our range of products, from lighting solutions to switchgear and power generation, we're proud to see our products becoming an integral part of their dream home. Take a sneak peek into their home renovation journey with us, and get inspired by their excellent taste and creativity!

Propel 2024 

Propel 2024, an exhilarating strategy session with Team Cesco! We dedicated a day in January to explore innovative ways to shape the future of our industry. Let me share the meaning behind 'Propel': Passion, Resilience, Optimism, Persistence, Empower, and Leverage. 

Our team was fully engaged, embodying the spirit of 'Propel.' With passion, we brainstormed, exchanged ideas, and identified opportunities for innovation. We demonstrated resilience in the face of challenges and remained optimistic about our vision for the future. With persistence, we pursued our goals with unwavering determination. We empowered one another, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone's voice was heard. Finally, we leveraged our collective expertise to uncover game-changing strategies that will drive our success in 2024. It was inspiring to witness the power of 'Propel' in action!

Architect Week 2023

We had the privilege of hosting Architect Week 2023 under the theme Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change on Jamaican Urban Spaces. The week was filled with presentations and exhibitions of sustainable projects, and great insights were shared with how the Urban Landscape in Jamaica has been utilized.